The Advantages of V-Deck

When working on a project all contact points are prepared and coated from The V-deck; resulting in zero return works for contact points and high-quality finish. As the V-deck can provide full over side containment, the works can be classed as inboard, delivering big cost savings due to the reduction of safety boat costs.

Comparison: V-Deck = 4 techs working 10 shifts – 6 techs working 24 hour shifts = 72% savings (time, cost and labour).

Advantages: Weight, less volume, durability, working at height, time and cost savings, contact points, safety.

case study - Scott Street Bridge

APRAS installed a two-level decking system too both sides of Scott Street Bridge to allow for the dismantle of the both sides. Handrails and safety netting was installed for the safety of the contractors working on the bridge.
The grated decking plates allowed the decking to be submerged in water and the APRAS installers would inspect the decking weekly.

Due to the structure of the bridge the decking was the safest and most environmentally friendly option for the work scope allowing major cost savings for our client.

Case Study - Overwater Bridge

APRAS required access to the underside of the overwater bridge.
• The V-Deck system allowed APRAS to create a walkway underneath the bridge to allow blasting, welding and coatings to take place.

• The system created big cost and time saving results due to the work scope specifications, allowing all deadlines to be met.

• The decking installation was around 1000m2

Case Study - Refinery Jetty

APRAS required access to a jetty road- way tubular support truss to carry out surface preparation and coating application works.

• Moving workfront of 432m2 over 3,000m2.

• All contact points were prepared and coated from the V-DeckTM resulting in zero return works for contact points and high quality finish.

• The V-DeckTM system provided full overside containment so the works were classed as inboard. This delivered additional big cost savings due to the reduction in the safety boat requirement.


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