Rope Access

APRAS North East Ltd specialise in rope access services, we take pride in helping complete your difficult access work scopes and provide men from all trades and sectors.

All APRAS employees are IRATA approved technicians and follow the IRATA ICOPS while performing rope access. “IRATA International’s rope access system is a safe method of working at height where rope and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work position, and to be supported there.

The advantage of using rope access methods mainly lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations in order to carry out their work, often minimal impact on other operations, surrounding areas and the environment. Another major benefit is the reduction of the combination of the total man hours and perceived level of risk for a particular task (man-at-risk hours) when compared with other means of access and their associated risks and costs.

Building Maintenance
And Cleaning

APRAS North East Ltd offers an extensive high level, structure cleaning solutions for Industrial and commercial units. By utilising our highly experienced technicians to carry out client hand over cleaning, to high rise window cleaning. Our technicians can access almost any part of a structure for cleaning and refurbishment purposes. Specialising in structure cleaning and refurbishments we are able to utilise our purpose mechanical access platforms combined with industrial rope access techniques to deliver advanced, wide scale, bespoke cleaning solutions.

Safety Netting

APRAS can install a dynamic access system that can be quickly deployed and dismantled in areas where access would otherwise be limited to large scaffolding systems. The system is lightweight and minimally affected by wind or water loading. Our technicians have extensive experience using tension netting systems which allow safe, easy and unlimited access to under-deck areas, jetty structures, bridges, and most structures where a large span needs to be accessed. Tension netting systems used in conjunction with rope access / fall arrest techniques offer a safe, effective and economical approach to accessing difficult areas. Our netting solutions are engineered similarly to our suspended decking system, allowing the netting system to be easily upgraded to a rigid deck if required.

Rope Access
Rescue Services

APRAS have developed bespoke Rescue Services to suit our clients requirements to ensure they comply with current legislation, requiring rescue services to be provided by site and to take the strain away from the emergency services. We have highly trained and experienced Rescue technicians to not only provide a site dedicated Rescue Service, but also combine this role with extensive site back support such as:-

  • Rescue/Incident Co-Ordinator
  • Rescue Planning (incorporating Method Statements/Risk Assessments & Rescue plans)
  • Specific Site Training

Confined Space

Rope access is one of the safest ways of working at height. When operating in an enclosed area with limited accessibility, working with ropes minimises room for risks. Therefore, we always work with a working line and backup line. We have experienced and qualified technicians who have completed all aspects of Confined Space Entry, egress and rescue. As part of our promise to you we at APRAS assess, prepare and monitor all projects carrying out risk assessments and method statements which are then applied as an act of conforming to the Confined Space Regulations 1997.

Technical Rigging And
Mechanical Services

Our rope access riggers, and other trade personnel provide the access solution and can undertake the trade services saving our clients time and money. Complex rigging, lifting and fitting operations can be performed safely and quickly in otherwise impossible locations, or where scaffolding would usually be required. Setting up and de-rigging of rope access equipment takes only minutes, in most cases, allowing the works to start quickly and also allowing works to cease temporarily, if necessary. This also happens without any disruption to other work parties, processes, plant or equipment.


Our rope access technicians use the most effective access and service requirements. At APRAS safety is always our number one priority and is never compromised during operations thanks to our ingrained and implementation of our unique Safety Management System.

Remedial Painting
And Blasting

APRAS North East Ltd is the rope access company of choice for remedial painting and blasting scope of work. We carry out all works efficiently to our clients specification and at highly competitive rates. Painting and blasting is one of our main rope access activities. We provide highly trained and skilled technicians to carry out the works. We can also supply 3rd party paint inspection services, with our qualified NACE inspectors to ensure the quality of our work is to clients standards. As a rope access company we are able to complete scopes of work at hard to reach areas that could not otherwise be reached using traditional access methods. Having worked on both onshore and offshore projects, we have both the experience and technical capability to carry out client requirements.

Profile Cladding
And Insulation

At APRAS our team includes highly experienced rope access technicians to carry out the installing of the most up to date materials of cladding and glazing panels. These include mastic sealing, pressure bar replacements, seal and frame replacements, leak inspection and we also action visual surveys to buildings and structures.

And Safety

APRAS are committed to a strict adherence to the working at height procedures BS:7985:2013 injunction with IRATA ICOP; meaning our staff have received the highest level of training and independent assessments. Therefore our teams are always run by an IRATA Level 3 (which is a site supervisor for rope access work projects and has the ability to be conversant with relevant work techniques and legislation) and all jobs planned with rescue in mind. For a better understanding of the rope access industry please use the link to the IRATA website


APRAS offer inspection services. Rope access inspection services offer multiple benefits such as time, cost and minimal disruption to the surrounding work area.

Using multi-disciplined rope access technicians APRAS can complete any required inspections on the following structures or buildings: Storage tanks, shafts, brides, pylons, turbines, warehouses, brides, high rise buildings and power stations.


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